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Dog Walker Strain Review

You may be more apt to call this Dog Shit. Dog ass may also be an appropriate name. I like dog piss as well. Dog Walker is not accurate at all.

Dog Walker makes me think of a strain that energizes you. I picture a Karen walking with twenty dogs pulling her. However, this strain is said to smell like wet dog. Wet dog maybe an understatement. This strain stinks. Its smoke and aroma are pungent and harsh. Some people do not like the harshness of Diesel. I get it. I do not like the taste of Dog Walker.


Dog Walker is the product of crossing Albert Walker OG and Chemdawg. Dog Walker can get up to 26% THC levels as well. This is a hybrid offering a little of both indica and sativa although it is said to be indica dominant. I like the effect; however, the taste is not my thing.

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