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Docs OG Strain Review

I am doing an indica experiment this week. I have been going hard on my High Intensity Interval Training and old injuries are reminding me of age and what the body has been through. I tend to focus on sativas, but have been using indicas to help the body recover and me get to sleep earlier.


Docs Og is potent medicine that fits the category. We are talking about 75% indica dominance. This strain can get up to 25% THC levels. This strain is often recommended for insomnia, pain relief, and depression. I always wonder why indicas are prescribed for depression. On this strain you will be so relaxed you won’t care to be depressed.  

Docs OG is the product of crossing Face Off OG and Rare Dankness. Makes sense as smoking this makes your face so heavy it feels like it may come off unless you go to sleep, and Rare Dankness, yes this strain definitely is. Enjoy Docs OG for nighttime use only…are as Doc prescribes!

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