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Do-Si-Pie Strain Review

This sounds like a term I was trying to teach my daughter in a Chinese immersion class when she was primary age. Name aside this strain is awesome for those seeking a great taste and pain relief. Let’s check out Do-Si-Pie. First, let’s sound the alarm with my DJ Clue metal voice…” New strain, new strain!”

Do Si Dos Art

Do-Sie-Pie (DSP), my fingers are getting confused typing so it’s DSP for now on… DSP is the product of crossing Cherry Pie and Do Si Dos. I have always laughed at the square dance energy associated with Do-Si-Dos. Yet, this strain is not for getting up and active. Do Si Dos has hit me like a sledgehammer of tranquilizer energy in the past.

Cherry Pie

Do-Sie-Pie offers the powerful indica effects of both it’s parent strains without the heavy effects of an indica. Do-Si-Pie tastes of spicy dank earth tones and the sweet berry nutty flavor of Cherry Pie. This is not a wake and bake strain but enjoy in the early evening without couch lock energy.

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