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Do-Si-Dos Strain Review

Ladies do and the gents you know, It’s right by right by wrong you go, and you can’t go to heaven while you carry on so, and it’s home little gal and do-si-do,” Thanks Phil Jamison for clarifying the old-time origins of the song…but it doesn’t help one bit to know why is this strain named Do-Si-Dos? My guy at Select Co-op doesn’t know either. I want to know why the Girl Scouts have more than a few product cannabis names have taken. Yes the cookies are delicious…or are there some grower badges we don’t know about?

What I do know is that as the offspring of Girl Scout Cookies and Face Off OG is just as delicious as the cookies. Do-Si-Do smells of mint and fresh cookies. The taste hits with a blast of sweet mint with subtle undertones of lime and pine. This strain is a beautiful structure. Pine tree shaped nuggets are packed with dense lavender, amber, and orange hairs that swirl around dark green leaves. Its sticky and resinous to break apart.  

After you swing your partner mosey on over to the couch partner. You aren’t going nowhere soon. Do-Si-Dos has THC levels topping out at 30%! Notices use with caution. This strain hots with powerful body effects for pain relief, insomnia treatment, and anxiety. A rush of elation rushes over you almost instantly that gradual builds and grows into complete and total submission to relaxation.