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DNA Cake Strain Review

DNA Cake Strain Review, Cue my Grand Daddy IU singers! “We got something, something new from Select to you”! Well kinda! Select has had this before, but it is still a new strain rare and hard to find. Let’s check out DNA cake!

Gelato #33

This strain is delicious! That must be stated up front. DNA Cake Strain is the product of crossing Gelato #33 and Wedding Cake. What else would you expect from mixing ice cream and cake! DNA Cake tastes of sweet creamy vanilla and nutty flavors balanced by fruity undertones and a slight diesel element.  

Wedding Cake

DNA Cake is a late afternoon or early evening wind down strain. The exact THC levels are unknown, but this strain is definitely potent!  Enjoy in moderation as DNA Cake can easily have you immobilized on the couch! 

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