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Diesel Wreck Strain Review

There are times when the name is so obvious you just know what it is. I mean it is just obvious and straightforward. If you cross Sour Diesel and Trainwreck you get Diesel Wreck… Right?… WRONG! In my Charlie Murphy voice… RIP.


Diesel Wreck is the product of crossing Nevil’s Wreck and East Coast Sour Diesel. The result is an 80% sativa dominant. I was kinda correct in that Nevil’s wreck has Trainwreck and Neville’s Haze in it. Sometimes Diesel Wreck is called Diesel Wreck Haze. I’m pointing all that out to point out how many sativas are in the lineage.

Sour Diesel

This is a sativa lover’s dream. Great recommendation Select Co-op, This is for bringing extra fun to social activities and/or extra energy to physical engagements! It tastes of Diesel with a little extra fruity species blended in the flavor. Enjoy anytime of day for energy and fun!

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