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Diesel Strain Review

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Diesel Strain Review

“Diesel is known to make folks cough uncontrollably. The sativa effects will have you focused for hours. Thank you Select Co-op.”

Diesel on deck… Diesel on deck. Not the DJ Clue new strain voice or Grand-Daddy IU “Something new tune”… Diesel gets a notification all on its own. I am Diesel, Sour Diesel, Super Sour Diesel… When Diesel is around I get it!

Super Sour

Why am I a Diesel head? The pungent taste and energizing effects are the perfect sativa for me. Probably has to do with an emotional mental connection as it was the first quality “loud” I consistently experienced. Diesel is a classic strain. Its origins spring from experiments with Chemdawg. While Diesel is a classic sativa it also offers1% CBD along with up to 20% THC to provide pain and inflammation relief while enjoying the awesome sativa effects. 

Super OG

This strain of Diesel lives up to the hype I put out there! The taste is an instant, sharp, almost too pungent blast of diesel fumes and sour-ness. Diesel is known to make folks cough uncontrollably. The sativa effects will have you focused for hours. Thank you Select Co-op.

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