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Diesel Strain Review

The Champ is here…. The Champ is here! Diesel is on deck! Great shit Select Co-op. I like Sour Jokes Up, Chemdawg, Super Sour Diesel and all Diesel related sativa strains. However, I bow down to the true OG.

Sour Jokes Up

Diesel is like a shot of adrenaline for me. From the first hit the mind races with creative ideas and the body wants to get up and execute them. Diesel is great for working out and writing. It enhances the focus on whatever you are doing.

Diesel smells like sweet berries, citrus fruits, and sugary candy when the buds are revealed in the bag. When you break the buds down the sharp diesel smell begins to emerge. When you take a hit of diesel expect the sharp diesel taste mixed with citrus fruity elements. I love the harshness of diesel smoke. Be Careful with it as coughing up a lung is a symptom for those not accustomed to the dank of diesel!  

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