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Diesel Glue Strain Review

Black Dominica has interesting effects when mixed with sativas. I had some Black Jack recently (Black Dominica and Jack Herer) that surprised me with how the indica allowed the sativa mental effect to shine through while offering functional relaxation. I have another strain I grabbed with Black Dominica in it.

Diesel Glue Strain Review - How Do I Get Weed

Let’s check out Diesel Glue. BCN Diesel, aka BCN Diesel CBD, aka Diesel Glue is a sativa hybrid that is said to be 70% dominant. I love this as a wake and bake strain when I have remote work to accomplish. The Diesel Glue relaxes the body while the mind is sharp and focused on the task at hand.


Diesel Glue can get up to 18% THC levels while offering up 10% CBD levels; hence why it can offer a sharp cerebral effect while relaxing the body. Diesel Glue tastes of… Diesel, the oh so familiar gassy taste. Diesel Glue also has some spicy and fruity flavors to it as well.