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Destroyer Strain Review

I was definitely fooled on this one. With such an intense title I was certain this was an indica I needed to avoid. In a loud Charlie Murphy voice (RIP)… WRONG! Let’s check out what Destroyer does…


Destroyer strain is the creation of crossing a Thai strain with a Mexican/Colombian cross. The result is a 100% sativa lover’s dream. Yes 100% sativa. This strain instantly boosts mood and takes and obliterates, or destroys, physical aches and pains.

Destroyer is said to top out at 15% THC levels and may be as low as 10%. This strain has creativity and motivation off the charts. For some they say the high is unfocused. That is not my experience. My only complaint is that the low THC level created a short and moderate experience. I expected and would have wanted a more potent and longer lasting effect.

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