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Mar 17, 2022
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Delaware Marijuana Drama

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What does it mean to live in a Democracy? The Marijuana Moment reports “A bill to legalize marijuana in Delaware failed to pass the House of Representatives on Thursday, even though most members voted for it”. How can this be?

Vote For Legalization in Delaware

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Well…”Two House committees previously advanced the reform proposal…in recent weeks, but it was ultimately defeated by the full chamber. 23 representatives were for, and 14 were against. So, it failed to reach the required 3/5 supermajority. Because of this, it couldn’t advance to the Senate. Therefore, no cannabis in Delaware.

The Marijuana Moment reports “The legislation would have allowed adults 21 and older to purchase and possess up to one ounce of cannabis. This includes up to five grams of cannabis concentrates. Home cultivation and marijuana delivery services are prohibited.” So what are folks in Delaware going to do?

Initiative 71

Well, I live in Prince George’s County, Maryland. That being said, I drive to Delaware via the Bay Bridge for family and sporting events. I suggest folks in Delaware take advantage of Initiative 71 (which is in Washington DC).

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Initiative 71 allows for the transportation of cannabis. It also allows for the “gifting” of cannabis to those within the DC city limits. Folks may procure up to 2 ounces as their gift.

I’ve been a subscriber of Select Co-op for a few years. Having access to their “Dibs list” allows me to see their premiere strains. I myself drive into the city and meet discreetly, then drive back home.

In Washington DC, it is illegal to sell cannabis in a storefront. Washington DC does not legally have the framework for city allowed recreational sales. However, the city allows the “gifting” market to exist. I suggest folks with limited ability take advantage of this opportunity. For more information about weed in DC, check out our articles here.

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