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Death Wish OG Strain Review

This is for sure some Charles Bronson OG shit. This is some lethal to engage what your back and your ass indica supreme dominance. On a different note, I always thought Charles Bronson looked like a half Asian dude that needed to be on the short bus. Sorry if I shitted on someone’s action hero back in the day, but I ain’t get action, or hero from that dude!

Death Wish Og Art

Death Wish OG is the product of crossing OG Kush, Sensi Star, and Sour Diesel. OG Kush of course is the legend of legends of Kush indicas. Sensi Star is a legend in its own right known for its indica nature. We know Sour Diesel comes in with that sativa focus and energy. However, not too much in this case. Death Wish OG gives a little focus and euphoric energy on the initial toke, but expect the indica effects to hit soon enough.

The Diesel nature of stringy and long buds come through a little with Death Wish OG. There is also a slight density and nugget like structure to the buds as well. More importantly the taste is that of earthy, musky, sourness of Kush with the diesel fumes and taste on the back end of the toke. Some say this is an equally balanced hybrid. For me I say this is an evening strain. Definitely more Kush and indica than sativa and Diesel.

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