DC’s Favorite 4th Of July 420 Activities

It is the 4th of July in DC approaching us my friends. Some are going to enjoy fireworks, cookouts, and enjoy patriotic reflections. Others will simply enjoy an extra day off work. However, you enjoy this 4th of July weekend in DC; enjoy it responsibly.

I do not promote engaging in cannabis or mushrooms and then going into nature and enjoying life. That would be…enjoyable; but I do recommend being in nature and enjoying some unique DC activities. We can go out of the city this 4th of July or enjoy some dope access to nature in the city limits.  

Ever been camping in Fredericksburg? You have to reserve and set up campsites in advance. However, it is an awesome experience to connect with yourself and nature enjoying some of nature’s mental stimulating gifts. No the area you are in. I was paddle boarding and launched from the Clyde Watson area on the Patuxent River. An old dude and his grandson saw me unpacking my folding kayak (thinking it was a tent) as they were docking and said they reserved the spot. They were in the wrong spot.

That connects to our next 420 4th of July activity.  Kayak, paddle board, canoe, jet ski, or boat the Patuxent River, Anacastoia, River, Potomac River, oir take an early drive (to avoid traffic) to the bay in Annapolis to enjoy some water relaxation. I would never recommend some awesome sativa salads for your recreation experiences.  

Why not just stay in the city for the 4th of July?  Have you ever biked across the city? One can begin in Alexandria or Arlington Virginia on the George Washington Parkway trail…One can also begin in Bladensburg and take paved trails into DC, across the Anacostia River and/or into Rock Creek Park…It is much faster than driving across the whole city and you get a view of DC of trees, grass, and…more concrete. As the evening approaches enjoy walking the monuments as you did not toke or pop some shrooms to enjoy the crisp air and fireworks display.  

Lastly, you may want to enjoy your most comfortable natural environment; your own home. Stock up and some awesome sativas from Select to start the evenings. Grab some balanced edibles to sustain you. Possibly add some shrooms to the mix to enhance the fireworks watching, concert you are streaming, or nothing you are doing in the comfort of your space.  Whatever you do; enjoy and 420 responsibly this 4th of July.