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DC Dispensary Delivery – West Virginia Option

Congratulations West Virginia. According to WVmettronews the first medical cannabis dispensary is open for business. In 2017 West Virginia legalized medical marijuana and has taken up until this point to establish the infrastructure.

That is wonderful for the few that have the medical cards. That is wonderful for the few that endured the bureaucratic waiting process. But how is this process actually working? How was the first day of business operations?

WVmetronews reports “Those with state-issued medical marijuana cards stood in line outside the shop for several hours before the doors opened Friday morning.” I do not know if they just wanted to be first or if the demand is that high. Some people in Virginia have reported waiting for hours at medical dispensaries.  

If one waited several hours in line for a medical dispensary they could have driven a few hours and taken advantage of Initiative 71 in Washington DC. A quality delivery dispensary service will have more options for flowers as well as concentrates.  

I have been using Select Co-op for years coming in from Virginia. Initiative 71 simply means it is legal to transport up to two ounces in Washington DC. One can “gift” cannabis as well.  

Recently, the Washington DC city government canceled an amendment to a bill focusing on the “gifting” business. Simply put, the “grey area” of gifting for cannabis via a delivery service is not even an issue in Washington DC. What is shady and often raided are the storefronts violating the city laws that I have learned to avoid like “COVID.” Take advantage if you live in DC, Virginia, Maryland, or West Virginia of a quality company like Select Co-op delivery dispensary.  

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