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DC Delivery Dispensaries And 420 Common Sense

DC Delivery Dispensaries and 420 common sense may have you question as recently, the Arkansas Attorney General issued a public warning over edibles the Camden news reports. Leslie Rutledge warned citizens about the dangers of children ingesting edibles that look like candy… The Camden News states “These products are unregulated, illegal and may be extremely dangerous”.

Some things are such political propaganda we just have to say… “Seriously”. The article alleges these items are marketed towards children and young adults. I call bullshit. That is like warning parents that vodka is a danger because it looks like water and children may drink it.  

Gummy Edibles

Umm, the parent that would leave out vodka for a child to drink is negligent. A parent that leaves gummies for a child to take is just a dumbass. The article warns about possible Halloween candy being tainted… Really…??? Some evil mastermind is going to spend big money by giving children edibles at Halloween; that is as ridiculous as the razor blade in candy urban legends we heard as children.  

I got sidetracked. Yet this relates to our point. There is just so much misinformation still being circulated around cannabis. In Virginia, recently cannabis was legalized for recreational purposes. Yet, there is nowhere to buy it for recreational use in Virginia and police are focusing on folks that are selling it. If you’re in Virginia the only way that is happening is with your medical marijuana card. If you are not aware, it is a long wait for it to arrive and once it arrives the dispensaries are few and the selection even scantier at the medical dispensaries. “Casey” recently wrote about her woes dealing with Virginia medical dispensaries on

Many in the Richmond and even Tidewater, VA areas are realizing that it is worth the trip to come to Washington DC for their 4:20 recreational and medicinal needs. Whether you are looking for flowers, concentrates, and/or edibles one can utilize a quality Dispensary Delivery Service in Washington DC.

Initiative 71 in Washington DC allows for recreational dispensaries to deliver and transport cannabis up to two ounces. Some call these delivery services. Some call these dispensaries. The point is a quality dispensary service like Select Co-op will deliver to you within the DC city limits. However, if you leave a chocolate edible out for your child to eat; there is a clause that allows a Select driver to come to your home and smack the ish out of you!

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