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DC Dispensary Currently Booming


DC Delivery Dispensaries are currently booming but there is a problem in Washington DC that is not really a problem. The “grey” cannabis market is booming to the point the regulated medical cannabis marketplace is getting beat down businesswise. Is this really a problem though?

Axios reports there are concerns with the “grey market.” Cannabis shops are not Initiative 71 compliant and are often raided. City residents also report crime and shifts in neighborhood dynamics associated with these shops. These are legitimate concerns.

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The article points to the missing revenue. As Axiom reports “since marijuana possession became legal in 2015, Congress has barred the city from moving further and enacting a legal sale-and-tax system for recreational pot. The only means the city can profit from cannabis sales is through the medical marijuana program.  

However, what the article did not mention is a glaring reality. Recreational DC Delivery Dispensaries are Initiative 71 compliant. Recreational delivery dispensaries do not affect DC neighborhoods and operate discreetly. I have been using Select Co-op for years without any hassle at all!

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Unfortunately, for the DC medical cannabis scene these stores are expensive now tax cannabis naturally translates to a higher priced product. I appreciate the larger selection and better prices I consistently get from my delivery dispensary, Select Co-op.  

Quality-control is the reason for paying higher medical dispensary prices. However, I find it interesting that Pennsylvania recently recalled hundreds of items due to quality control. The truth is often the same strains you are getting from medicinal facilities are the same strains a quality recreational dispensary will get. I will keep using Select Co-op for all the fire strains!