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Curly Glue Strain Review

Curly Glue… Hmm, I’m intrigued off the break by the name itself. Anything with Glue in it makes me think I am going to be stuck as it’s that much on fire, but “curly” just has me guessing into the why and what does it mean. Curly Glue, aka, Curly OG is an evenly balanced hybrid said to be extremely rare to come across so I had to grab it from my guys at Select Co-Op.

This strain was created from the Larry OG strain. Check this shit out! Curly Glue can get upto 30% THC levels. Yessir, 30% THC levels! The THC levels rang true as the body effects stayed with me for hours. As the strain is equally balanced a powerful sativa rush of focused cerebral energy came on suddenly. The mind is just focused on the bliss of the morphing effects. The body is met with pain relieving relaxation that does not couch-lock or sedate!

Curly Glue Art

Curly Glue tastes of a spicy lemon-orange tea. The flavor is that of a herbal drink or spicy root to chew on for its flavor like licorice. I like the unique taste of this strain. However, it is the potent effects that have me a huge fan of this strain. Excellent recommendation Select!

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