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Curly Glue Strain Review

I am humming the Grand Daddy IU back up singer melody for “Something, something (kinda) new… From (Select) to you! This is not a new strain, but it is super rare and I have never seen Select with it before so I had to grab it. I don’t know why, but I can’t shake the image of Curly Glue from the three stooges when I hear the name of this strain…?!?!

Curly Glue is said to be perfectly balanced as a 50/50 hybrid. This strain can reach up to 30% THC levels for potent effects. The cerebral effects of Curly Glue, aka Curly OG, hit intensely and immediately. Enjoy the rush of euphoric energy that fuels the mind with bliss and simple glee. As the beautiful mental effects ensure a tingle of body relaxation begins to intensify and engulf the entire being without being heavy or slowing you down.

Curly OG buds have a sugary citrus scent that is potent from opening the container. As you crack the nuggets open a spicy, woody, herbs are detectable. Curly OG tastes of sweet lemons and hits with a tangy spicy kick at the back of the throat on exhale. This is for experienced users to enjoy later in the afternoon or evening as the potent effects tire one after hours of use.

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