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Mar 10, 2022
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DC Cannabis Delivery: Culinary Combinations

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Welcome back cannabis enthusiasts! It is that time again. We are here to curate some cannabis combinations. If you’re new here make sure to check out all my articles here! That is right we are mixing weed. Some call this making cannabis salads. We simply call it common sense when you understand the nature and tastes of strains. Let’s mix up some strains from Select Co-op.

Day-Time Cannabis Strains

We always begin with our daytime combinations. Strawberry Cough is a our base for daytime use. This strawberry tasting peppery treat is ideal for wake and baking by itself. Mix this strain with Lemon Creme and you have lemon, diesel, strawberry treat that will have the mind infused with focus, elation, and creativity; while the body is freed from pain and tension in a very functional calm state.

Next we suggest mixing Strawberry Cough and Super Sour Diesel for a cannabis midday pick me up. This mix will taste of strawberry diesel dankness. The effect will be an active and focused experience with the body energized. Where you want to take it is on you… a few hits and you will be locked into whatever you want to do. Hit a whole jay and you will be in hazy land and not very productive.

Lastly, we suggest mixing Strawberry Cough and Jungle Cheese. This mix will taste of gourmet cheese flavored with strawberries and spicy herbs. The effect of this strain will be damn near a psychedelic trip of multi-sensory stimulation while the mind enjoys every bit of it. This is for social late day experiences.

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Afternoon/Evening Strains

Moving into the evening we shall be using Blue Dream as our cannabis base. Blue Dream is almost an equally balanced hybrid that offers both a focused and creative cerebral effect and a calming and warming functional body relaxation. Blue Dream tastes of blueberries and sugary cream. Mixing this strain with Kalifornia offers some spicy herbal elements to Blue Dream and offers a little more relaxing benefits without overpowering.

Lastly we suggest mixing Blue Dream and Afghan Goo. Like Blue Dream Afghan Goo offers a warm and relaxing body effect. This mix tastes of sweet blueberries as well as nutty and sweet herbal spices.The Afghan Goo however will push you closer and closer to a couch locking sleep; so take it where you want it to go! Enjoy the mixes while you can and grab these strains at Select Co-op!

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