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Culinary Cannabis Curations – Weed Mixes

Welcome back friends for another edition of culinary cannabis curation creativity… simply put we are doing weed mixes. We take strains of similar properties and mixing them to enhance such properties. Let’s jump right into it!

Day-Time Mixes

For these weed mixes we will begin with a base for day-time curation. Diablo Wind is the strain we have chosen. This is an excellent sativa to get the day started and has a unique cinnamon and spicy pepper flavor. Mixing this strain with Jupiter Jack adds some citrus elements to your morning wake and bake experience.

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Staying with Diablo Wind as our base, we also recommend mixing this strain with Cherry Haze. The flavor itself is amazing. Mixing these two strains offers a cinnamon, cherry, berry, plum, peppery delight. The Cherry Haze offers slight functional relaxation as well.

Lastly we recommend mixing Diablo Wind with Kerosene. This mix provides a cinnamon diesel flavor. I like this mix for after-work and/or late in the evening. Kerosene provides a strong hazy and relaxing effect. 

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Afternoon/Evening Strains

Now we are moving into our evening curations. Tiger Milk is our base for winding down in the evening. Tiger Milk has an earthy and sweet piney flavor with hints of honey that provides powerful relaxation. Mixing this strain with Gobstopper provides a decadent sweet candy flavor to go along with the powerful relaxation.  

Lastly, we recommend mixing Tiger Milk and Afghan Goo. Honestly, the taste does not matter. Although a piney hazy flavor is what you are provided. However, the taste is not why you mix these. Enjoy this powerful tranquilizer as a nightcap my friends. It is doubtful you will do too much afterwards. If you’re looking for more mixes or are looking for reviews on Select Co-ops strains make sure to check them all out here!

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