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Crystal Coma Strain Review

This is just an awesome strain. Crystal Coma is said to be 70% sativa dominant. However, there is no heaviness, come down, or slowing down of body function at all.  Crystal Coma more is a focused sativa that soothes the body moving through the day while the mind is uplifted and engaged.  

Skunk #1

Crystal Coma is the product of crossing Skunk and Cheese. This Crystal Coma strain can get up to 27% THC levels. With this high THC content it is puzzling how this strain is associated with treating conditions of the psyche as opposed to physiology; but again, this strain is unique.


Crystal Coma tastes of a crisp almost sharp (like cheese) but light flavor with lemon, piney and sweet spicy elements. Enjoy this strain any time of day, sativa lovers. Grab it while Select has it!

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