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Critical Orange Strain Review

Critical Orange Punch, this is an interesting name, I think of Donald Trump in a video game delivering the Critical Orange Punch… Or I envision a punch bowl at a high school dance like in the 80’s movies spiked with some Lean. The name is dynamic. lol

Critical Orange Punch, aka Critical Orange is the product of crossing Grand Daddy Purp, Orange Bud, and Critical. The strain could be renamed Critical Orange Tranquilizer. I needed some evening pain relief and assistance to wind down. Critical Orange covers those bases for sure!

This strain can get up to 24% THC levels. This is a classic indica in its body effects. At first toke an uplifting and euphoric blissful feeling arises. Then the tranquilizing effects kick in. The body feels so relaxed and damn near numb as you fade into couchlock if you are tolerant.. Most likely you will go to sleep!

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