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Critical Mass Strain Review

Critical Mass is known as the point when a company is self-sustaining and needs no outside investors/assistance to grow. Interestingly enough, this Critical Mass strain is said to be named for almost the opposite reason. Apparently, these buds get so big and dense they break the branches upon which they are growing. This occurs when the buds reach “critical mass”.

Critical Mass Strain Effects

Critical Mass Strain 2

This strain is an indica for indica lovers. Take a few hits and enjoy the creative and elating thoughts. Keep smoking and enjoy a nap or being couch locked. I needed some pain relief and Takoma Care and Wellness (TCW) was on point with this recommendation.

Critical Mass THC Percentage

Critical mass strain may top out at 22% THC levels. This strain may also offer 5% CBD, and it tastes of sweet pine and rich earth flavors. Enjoy in moderation!  

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