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Critical Kush Strain Review

I’m about the name of a strain. It has to entice me, challenge my thinking like a rebus puzzle, or scare the shit out of me! Critical Kush fits into the last category. Critical condition is not a state or level of existence I wish to experience.

Critical Kush Art

Critical Kush is 90% indica. I will say it in slow motion…9000000%%%%% iiinnnnddiiccaaa. You will be moving in slow motion after fucking with this. Indica loving comatose cravers will love this for sure. Critical Kush can reach up to 25% levels of THC. This is for folks in pain, can’t sleep, and are just so stressed they need to be taken away like Calgon.

Yes, there is euphoria in the initial hit. Yes, there is introspective reflection and a desire for meditative bliss. Yeah, it got a spicy and earthy taste because, well shit it’s Kush. We all know what Kush is like. Critical Kush is a cross between Critical Mass and OG Kush. The result is some critical shit!

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