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Crescendo Strain Review

There is nothing like when the moment peaks. When timing is perfect and one is in the flow you can almost dictate that precise instance of manifestation. You can sense when the Crescendo arises and it’s fantastic. I had to play around with the name!

Crescendo Art

Crescendo can get up to 35% THC levels. Yes, indeed 35% THC levels. My lady does not do sativas too much and wants some stuff just to wind down in the evening and sleep well. This is definitely for her and other indica lovers. The mental effects hit at first with euphoria and powerful body sensory and enjoyment. It is a good couple chilling strain.

Crescendo is the product of crossing Chemdawg and Mandarin Cookies. I see why the effects start off so euphoric and blissful. Crescendo tastes equally of sweet berries and earthly pine that is also of a sugary nature. Although, it indicates 70% indica this did not put me out for the count. I did feel serious and enjoyable whole body relaxing bliss. Enjoy!

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