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Cosmic Crisp Strain Review

For those that remember pics and afros (it’s on like that).
Platform shoes and bell-bottoms some got ’em.
Spaced out, way out, is what I’m talkin’ about.
In the cosmic slop of the ghetto.
Zuzuzuz… Anyone remember Cosmic Slop on Redman’s first album? Has Anybody seen the classic Cosmic Slop film by the Hudlin brothers? HBO still has it I think… That is what the strain Cosmic Crisp has me thinking of…

Apple Fritters

Cosmic Crisp is also a “new strain, new strain” in my DJ Clue voice. This strain is so awesome I almost forgot to Let y’all know. Let’s start with the taste. It is to be expected that when you cross Apple Fritter with Triangle Mints the result is decadent deliciousness. Elements of cinnamon apples, tropical fruits, dank earth tones, and creamy sugar frosting combine for a taste that just entices you to keep toking.

Triangle Mints

Cosmic Crisp can get up to 32% THC levels. Yes! You heard that right. The strain is said to be a hybrid, but it leans more towards the sativa side. There is a slight boost in mood and while the mind is engaged there is a spacey element to it. The body is relaxed, but there is no couch lock or sleepy time that is induced. However if you are already tired, yet anxious this strain can help wind down for the night.

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