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Corleone Kush Strain Review

There are classics, there are OGs, and there are bosses. We have all of the above here. Some shit is just so gangsta you have to put it in the name. Folks know respect the Corleone name.

Pay homage to the Don Corleone Kush. This potent indica hybrid is the product of crossing OG Kush with Pre-98 Bubba. It is said to be a 50/50 hybrid. I disagree. This is more like a 70/80/90 percent indica dominance.

Pre-98 Bubba

Once you hit this strain expect sleep. Couch-lock at best. First the mind is energized with creativity and elative humor. The mental energy is short lived and the body effects become more and more pronounced. This Corleone Kush strain can get up to 20% and its potency may have you sleeping with the fishes fucking with a Corleone.

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