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Cookies Kush Strain Review

I am about how a strain’s name hits me. I know anything with Cookies has Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) in it so that is a plus for me. I am not a “Big Kush”, fan off its generic principles. I know Kush is piney dank and usually indica dominant. So let’s see what Cookies Kush does…

Cookies Kush Art

The taste of Cookies Kush is oddly sweet and sour. A trace of the sweet GSC is detectable. Cookies Kush is a cross of GSC and Rolex Kush. I guess it is called Rolex as it is top of the line! Cookies Kush has amazing effects. Usually a strain will hit me with sativa elements then the relaxation slowly creeps in. Cookies Kush hits with immediate lazy relaxing effects. Slowly sativa focus comes on and directs the mind in its lazy relaxed state. The sativa energy can motivate you to get up… If you really need to… If not enjoy the descent.

Cookies Kush can get up to around 18% THC levels. CBD levels can get as high as 3% producing the strong physical medicinal properties of this strain. Although the sativa elements are a treat with this indica this is still for evening or night time use.

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