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Jan 6, 2023
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Connecticut’s first legal weed stores will open next week

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Here’s the latest on where to buy cannabis in Connecticut on day one of adult-use sales and beyond.

Next Tuesday, January 10, Connecticut’s first legal weed stores will open for adult-use sales. Starting at 10 a.m., licensed hybrid retailers will be allowed to start selling cannabis products to all adults 21 and over.

The inaugural list of stores includes Affinity in New Haven, Bluepoint Wellness of CT in Branford, Still River Wellness in Torrington, Fine Fettle Dispensary in Newington, Stamford, and Willimantic, The Botanist in Danbury and Montville, and Willow Brook Wellness in Meriden.

From consumption limits to upcoming license lotteries, here’s everything you need to know heading into day one of adult-use sales in Connecticut.

Purchase rules and limits for day one


Customers will need a government ID to prove they are above the age of 21. Expect to face lines at some of the stores and consider calling ahead for best approaches.

Sales will be limited to 1/4 ounce (seven grams) of flower per transaction when the market opens. These transaction limits will be reviewed later this year, but they are intended to ensure businesses can meet demand for both adult-use consumers and medical marijuana patients with legal supply. According to the law, patients in Connecticut’s Medical Marijuana Program may purchase up to five ounces per month.

Different types and sizes of products may be purchased together up to a total limit of 1/4 ounce of cannabis flower or its equivalent per transaction in milligrams of THC.

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Connecticut’s Dept. of Consumer Protection has said products will face these limitations:

  • Up to seven pre-rolled cigarettes that weigh 1 gram each, or 14 pre-rolled cigarettes that weigh 0.5 grams each. Or any combination of up to seven total grams, which equals 1/4 ounce.
  • Two to four vape cartridges, which come in .5 mL and 1 mL sizes.
  • Edibles vary by type and size. A standard-sized brownie or cookie can be the equivalent of .08 grams of cannabis flower. One edible serving cannot have more than five milligrams of THC.
  • A combination of different product types that collectively amount to no more than ¼ of an ounce.

These are Connecticut’s first weed stores


Similar to New Jersey, Connecticut’s first stores are existing medical dispensaries that are approved to expand to adult-use sales via a “Hybrid license.”

These nine stores have been notified that they successfully completed the necessary steps for conversion to a hybrid license and may begin selling cannabis products to all adults 21 and over, beginning no earlier than 10 a.m. on January 10.

  • Affinity (New Haven)
  • Bluepoint Wellness of Connecticut (Branford)
  • Still River Wellness (Torrington)
  • Fine Fettle Dispensary (Newington)
  • Fine Fettle Dispensary (Stamford)
  • Fine Fettle Dispensary (Willimantic)
  • The Botanist (Danbury)
  • The Botanist (Montville)
  • Willow Brook Wellness (Meriden)

The Department of Consumer Protection, in anticipation of long lines and traffic, recommends that medical customers get what they need before doors open for adult-use sales at 10 a.m. on Tuesday.

More retailers are on the way

Starting February 3, Connecticut will then open up the application process for additional adult-use retailers until May 3. The following applications will also become available on February 3.

  • Lottery applications for adult-use cannabis retailers
  • Non-lottery applications for Cultivators located in a Disproportionately Impacted Area (DIA)
  • Equity Joint Ventures
  • Non-lottery applications for conversion from Medical Marijuana Producer to Expanded Producer
  • Non-lottery applications for conversion from Medical Marijuana Dispensary to Hybrid Retailer

All lottery application periods will be open for three months. There is no closing date for conversion applications or Equity Joint Ventures.

Closeup of trichomes on marijuana. Small business marijuana dispensary in United States.

Application dates for Connecticut cannabis licenses are coming one month after day one of regulated adult-use sales. The remaining 90-day lottery application periods will open on the following schedule:

  • Micro-cultivator: February 10, 2022
  • Delivery Service: February 17, 2022
  • Hybrid Retailer: February 24, 2022
  • Food and Beverage: March 3, 2022
  • Product Manufacturer: March 10, 2022 
  • Product Packager: March 17, 2022
  • Transporter: March 24, 2022

The state’s cannabis department plans to open a second lottery application period for most license types in the second half of 2022. Applicants who apply in the first round of lotteries and aren’t selected, but still wish to take part in future lotteries, must reapply and pay the lottery fee in subsequent lottery opportunities.

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Consumption laws won’t change


There are still rules in place indicating where people are permitted to consume cannabis. Some towns and cities have their own specific regulations, but at the state level, weed smoke is prohibited at state parks, beaches, and anywhere where smoking tobacco or vaping is prohibited.

Otherwise, toke up! And let us know how Connecticut’s trees are smoking via Leafly strain and dispensary reviews.

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