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Collins Avenue Strain Review

Am I supposed to know where this street is? I know where Malcolm X Boulevard is in New York. I know where Georgia Avenue is in DC. I know where South Street is in Philly. Where is Collins Avenue?

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I do not know! Frankly, I do not care enough to Google it either. Anyway y’all, Collins Avenue, aka Collins Ave strain is the product of crossing Kush Mints with the hybrid of Kush Mints and GTI. Naturally this strain tastes of mint; along with hints of berries and a piney citrus flavor. 

Collins Ave is a hybrid for relaxing, being social, and/or Netflix and chill. The strain will not have you overly energized nor couch locked. This is a good strain for wanting the best of both worlds while maintaining functionality. Collins Avenue can get up to 25% THC levels as a 50/50 hybrid.

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