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Clementine Strain Review

“Oh my darlin’, oh my darlin’, oh my darlin’… Oh my darlin’ , oh my darlin’ sweet Clementine, You may be gone, but!” … I”m gonna get me a quarter for the next time! She is a sweetheart to behold and a pleasure to experience. For Sativa lovers trust you have been waiting for a treat like this. The beautiful offspring of Tangie X and Lemon Skunk boasts the bests of both worlds. The onset of a citrus sweet tropical flavor hits with an equally potent balance of earthy and piney gusto of enjoyment.

The bud structure is a kaleidoscope of almost neon like green, yellow, bluish purple, and orange radiances contrasted by a snowfall of crsytalized trichomes suggesting you look but do not touch…but touch and you shall enjoy! THC levels have been reported up to the higher ends above twenty percent. As you break down the nuggets in a grinder the aromas of oranges and wood equally impress the senses as you open the container. If grinding a few leftover nugs with fingers the resinous nature of the buds are undeniable with the time it takes to get it all off your finger tips.

The effects are what I appreciate about Sativas. I do not know why people drink coffee when strains like Clementine exist! Yes you can wake up and study, go to the gym, or work on that presentation…you are focused after the first hit. Sativa effects kick in like we are engaged and ready to complete the mission, Sir. I think I got across you will be focused. The effects are clear minded intention to do and enjoy right now! I was enjoying a rounds of jump roping appreciating the sun with a bottle of spring water. I recall appreciating the flavor and  nice temperature of the water. If I was home I probably would have appreciate the favor of anything I can see or order on Grubhub. Those subject to the munchies beware. I feel more of body awareness than a relaxation or sedation. Clementine iis just a joy darling!

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