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May 23, 2023
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Choosing Between Spliffs and Joints: Similarities and Differences

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Spliffs and joints, while similar, are different cannabis products rolled up in paper. If you are a seasoned cannabis smoker, you’re probably thinking, “I know the difference, and I have my preference.” But do you know everything about them? Whether you are a seasoned joint smoker, a die-hard spliff aficionado, or a curious newbie, join us as we compare spliffs and joints. You might learn a thing or two that’ll make you switch sides.

What Are Spliffs?

Spliffs are made up of ground cannabis mixed with some tobacco, typically rolled in cigarette papers, with a filter or crutch at the smoking end. The cannabis level in spliffs is usually a lot less because of the added tobacco. They’re also a lot cheaper than joints and are consumed more in places where cannabis is either illegal or banned.

You can expect the buzzy, energetic effect of tobacco when you smoke spliffs that have a low cannabis concentration. However, you can vary the amount of weed in your spliff based on your preference.

The good thing about spliffs is that there is no standard tobacco-to-weed ratio. Usually, most spliffs contain 50% cannabis and 50% tobacco. Just ensure that you get a ratio that’s right for you. You could have a harsh, unpleasant smoke if the tobacco is too much. And if it’s too little, you won’t get the buzz that comes with the tobacco—so it’s all about finding that sweet spot.

Spliffs are pretty easy to roll and smoke. The tobacco in them makes them burn evenly when smoking. This means you might have a smoother smoking experience with spliffs compared to smoking just dried cannabis.

Some Things to Know About Spliffs

What About Joints?

The term “joint” is widely used in the U.S., and it is essentially cannabis rolled up in thin rolling paper. It’s the most popular way to consume weed, and this is why the term is commonly used.

Because joints contain only cannabis, you might need some practice to twist your joints perfectly. The advantage of smoking a joint is that there is no added tobacco or nicotine in them. This is a plus for medical consumers of cannabis. Joints are portable, which is one of their main draws.

Joints also have a filter or crutch at the smoking end. This helps to make the roll stable, and you can smoke it to the end without getting your fingers burnt.

Rolling papers are available in various sizes, flavors, colors, and prints to spice up your smoking experience. Small, medium, and large paper sizes are available. You can get flavors like cherry, grape, and chocolate. There are also papers with prints like leaves, happy faces, animal faces, and fruits. Just look for what suits your mood.

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Some Things to Know About Joints

  • If you are concerned about the addictive nature of the tobacco in spliffs, joints could prove to be a healthier option.
  • The cannabis in joints could still irritate the lungs.
  • Cannabis has a higher concentration of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), and because of this, it creates a more pronounced high feeling than spliffs.
  • If your joints are not rolled properly, it can lead to just one side burning. This effect is called “canoeing a joint.”

What Are Their Differences or Similarities?

While spliffs and joints share similar characteristics, they differ in some respects. One major distinguishing factor between both products is the smoking experience. Adding tobacco to weed in spliffs reduces the level of high (THC content) you get from smoking.

And this is a result of the nicotine in tobacco, which counteracts some of the effects of cannabis. Thus, you can expect to enjoy a stronger flavor and more intense high from smoking a joint than a spliff.

Spliffs are more economical than joints. So, if you are a stoner on a budget, try spliffs.

However, while spliffs do not make stoners intensely high, they are not without risk. The nicotine content in tobacco is highly addictive, which might be a concern for those trying to minimize their exposure to tobacco smoke. Its addictive nature could make you spend more than you would on joints, as you’ll tend to smoke more over a day.

If you are not good at rolling up, go for a spliff—as long as you don’t mind the tobacco content. Joints tend to burn on one side if not properly packed or rolled. Spliffs, on the other hand, burn evenly thanks to tobacco leaves in the mix.

How to Make a Choice

If you’re trying to choose the best option between a spliff and a joint, there really is no one-size-fits-all answer to that question. Your decision should be based solely on your personal preference and needs.

You can ask yourself these questions. If you’ve never tried a spliff before, why do you want to? If you’re consuming cannabis for medical purposes, will adding tobacco be safe? If you like the high cannabis gives you, why do you want to switch things up?

Here are some factors you might want to consider:

  1. Combating addiction: Spliffs can be customized to suit your tobacco level preference. You can opt for them if you’re trying to control the quantity of tobacco you smoke.
  2. The weed quality: In places where it is difficult to find high-quality weed, a spliff might be the most available or the most economical option you have.
  3. Your personal expectation: You might want a level of discretion when smoking your cannabis, especially if you don’t know how to talk to your family and friends about cannabis just yet. Spliffs are quite discreet to smoke. People can assume you are smoking a cigarette when smoking Spliffs. However, with its unique smell, it will be obvious to those around you when you’re smoking cannabis.
  4. Cannabis culture and ease of access: Spliffs are cheaper and easier to access, especially in places where cannabis is banned. Generally, in Europe, spliffs are more dominant, while joints are more popular in the U.S. 

Wrapping It Up

Joints and spliffs are not the same. While they are both ways of smoking cannabis, they have distinct differences, particularly in their composition. Now you know that joints are pure cannabis rolled in wrapping paper, while spliffs add a blend of tobacco to the mix. Joints also give a more intense high, while spliffs are more energizing due to their nicotine content.

In the end, neither really outweighs the other, and the choice between both products comes down to personal preference. So choose what works for you, stay safe, and stay lit!

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