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Chocolope Strain Review

Just go get it. As soon as I heard Select had this on deck it was in my possession. This strain is on my list of must grab sativas when it comes around… Although that list is consistently growing I must admit.  

Chocolope strain is back. Chocolope is 95% sativa dominant; yes you read correctly. This is not a physical sativa in that you want to get up and knock out your to-do list. Chocolope offers an intense, stony, euphoric, and almost psychedelic experience. This strain is not for getting anything done. The effects relax the mind more than the body.

Cannalope Haze

Chocolope is a munchie inducing monster. Plan your eating beforehand to not raid the fridge. Chocolope strain can get up to 21% THC levels. It is advised that novices may want to take it lightly for the intense cerebral effects. This strain tastes of a sweet, slightly sour and fruity chocolate flavor. All of these elements are subtle and blend together smoothly.  

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