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Chocolate Hashplant Strain Review

Select Co-op is on a roll y’all. You know what time it is! Cue the DJ Clue metal echo voice one time… “New strain”… “New strain”… “New strain”. There is no clever title or mystery to the uniqueness of the strain name here. Just a simple moniker that entices and intrigues so I had to get it. Let’s get into this Chocolate Hashplant.

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I had to get it off the name alone. I asked my guy at Select is it flowers or Hashish. Its flowers, divinely inspired flowers to be certain. Although hash is in the name Chocolate Hashplant is a sativa dominant hybrid. I was hit with elation, euphoria, and a relaxed and calm enjoyable flow state kind of high. I was more calmly pleasant than motivated and focused. It’s a balanced high that has you gliding through the day.

There is a chocolate smell to the buds. It is not powerful but the aroma hits you when you smell the buds from the bag. The smoke has slight hints of chocolate that has subtle hints of spice, berries, and pine. Enjoy Chocolate Hashplant as an aid to enjoy a peaceful blissful day.

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