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Cherry White Strain Review

Now when ever Cherry Pie comes around I got to sing the theme song! “She’s my Cherry Pie….something, something, something, sweet Cherry Pie“. Thank you Warrant for the classic 80’s over the top sex rock song…However, this is Cherry White. So, I guess I’ll slow the song down and sing it with a deep voice like Barry. OK, back to the strain. It still tastes like Cherry Pie!

Cherry White is a 50/50 balanced hybrid that is a product of crossing Cherry Pie and Kerberos Kush. Although, Kerberos Kush has some dominant indica Kush strains in it, this strain blends with Cherry Pie nicely to yield effects heavy on the sativa cerebral side and light on intense body relaxation. Like Cherry Pie, Cherry White tastes of sweet ripe cherries, fruity toppings, and a light Kush undertone serving as the rich crust. The taste is decadent.

This is a late afternoon or early evening strain. The effects are not couch-locking by any means. However, the cerebral effects lean towards social enjoyment and aesthetic enhancement (listening to music, writing, watching a show). I was not energized to work out, but was not drawn to the couch or bed either. Me, Cherry White, and an episode of The Last Kingdom finished the night. Put some respect on the name Uhtred, son of Uhtred!