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Cherry Pie Strain Review

She’s my Cherry Pie…. Cherry Pie! I don’t know the lyrics. I didn’t even know the song was by a band called Warrant until I just looked it up. But the first time I had Cherry Pie I started humming this tune from childhood. Every time Cherry Pie comes around the tune pops in my head reminding me of the elation, taste, and beautiful sativa high I have come to expect from this strain.

To be clear, Cherry Pie tastes like…Cherry Pie! Seriously, it does. White Cherry Pie is a cross between Cherry Pie and The White strain. When I saw White Cherry Pie on the menu for Select yes I started humming the tune away. Then I saw White…Did they indica out my Cherry Pie? However, my guy at select assured me this strain has all of the Cherry Pie taste and fun energetic cerebral effects while the White balances the sativa effects with relaxation and muscle relief. Its beautiful when a supplier can give you accurate information about a strain. This is exactly what he said it would be! “She’s my White Cherry Pie“!

I enjoy breaking down the nuggets of White Cherry Pie. The crystals are white and shimmer as you take apart the buds. Orange to purplish hairs burst with fruity and sweet aromas and the stickiness all over your fingers is a precursor to the THC benefit you are about to receive. Although the indica gives powerful medicinal relief this strain does not blow your head off and erase the rest of the day. Enjoy as a day-time enhancer or night time relief.

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