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Cherry Pie Strain Review

Cherry Pie2

“She’s my cherry pie, cool drink of water, such a sweet surprise… Tastes so good that it’s worth the drive… All the way to Select oh yeah that’s why, sweet cherry pie. That is the warrant remix of Cherry Pie in homage to Select Co-Op for bringing it back! Let’s get into it…

Sour Diesel

Cherry Pie is one of my all-time favorite strains. This strain, Sour Diesel, and Durban Poison are must haves if it’s around. Select has it so I must grab it! Cherry Pie is the crossing of Grand Daddy Purple and drum roll please… Durban Poison. The result of this amazing crossing is the almost potent sativa elements of Durban stay while the indica elements of body relaxation, awesome fruity taste, and pain relief abound without slowing you down or sedating. It gives all the benefits of an indica for sativa lovers.

Grand Daddy Purple

This strain mildly tastes of the expected cherry and cookie flavor. The taste was mild, but the effects are on point! Each time I hit the jay after three hits I was energized and feeling the body tingle and got right to activity. The jay lasted about 36 hours. There was no need to smoke more. Cherry Pie can get up to 25% THC levels with 1% CBD effects as well. Enjoy!!!