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Cherry Pie Strain Review

“She’s my Cherry Pie“…taste like the name and I don’t know why. OK, those aint the lyrics, but so what. I can change Warrant’s lyrics as this strain deserves a theme song and Warrant already gave us the chorus. If you don’t know the 80’s rock song then YouTube it! Every time this strain comes around I get to sing her praises!

Cherry Pie is the offspring of Grandaddy Purp and Durban Poison. It is said to be indica leaning, but that has never been my experience. With Cherry Pie you get the amazing taste and relaxing effects of Grand-Daddy Purp balanced by the sativa focusing crisp energy of Durban Poison. This specific strain hit me instantly with a head rush of focusing energy. More than usual the body relaxation effect was right there with the cerebral energy and did not waste any time to creep into the mix. The relaxation is not couch-locking by any means. I enjoyed a stroll to grab my veggie Bento box after enjoying the sunlight on me at DuPont Circle.

Cherry Pie….taste like Cherry Pie there is no mystery to this name. The sweetness of Grand-daddy Purp mixes with the crisp earthiness of Durban Poison to provide a sweet Cherry taste that has a cookie like crust flavor on the back-end. It is simply Cherry Pie. This strain has THC levels ranging from mid teens to mid twenty percent. Cherry Pie is used as medicinal marijuana for many physical and anxiety disorders. Happy 4:20

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