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Cherry Haze Strain Review

Have you seen Select Co-op’s menu as of lately? They have had nothing but godly strains just like this one Cherry Haze… It presents a good problem to have. You are stuck with too many choices and don’t know what to get. Everything is top-shelf so it is not like you can go wrong… take this strain for instance… but enough talking about how amazing Select Co-op is and lets get into this strain review!

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I am so excited about this strain that I forgot my DJ Clue metal echo voice…”new strain, new strain.” Cherry Haze is a gift from the gods we are discussing. I am a big fan of Purple Haze. In taste only since after a few minutes the heaviness is too heavy for me. Thankfully you do not have that issue with this strain.

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Cherry Haze is the product of crossing CherryBomb and PurpleHaze. Cherry Haze may get up to 20% THC levels with up to 1% CBD as well. This strain tastes of sweet fruits, vanilla, and syrupy grape elements and offers a giggly, euphoric, mentally focusing experience without the heaviness associated with Purples. If you’re looking for a different strain or have your eye on something else make sure to check out all my strain reviews here!

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