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Cherry Deadhead OG Strain Review

It’s been a while so let me make sure everything is wired correctly and the equipment works… OK, cue the DJ Clue metal echo voice… “New strains. new strains…” A modern classic is the reputation DeadHead OG has garnered in the short time it has been in creation. Well Skunk VA of Cali Connections has breeded some new fire with Cherry DeadHead OG. Good recommendation by my folks at Select.

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Cherry DeadHead OG is a creation of epic proportions. You got Cherry OG that is a cross of Lost Coast OG and Cherry Thai. Take that Cherry OG and cross that with Chemdawg 91 and SFV OG (aka DeadHead OG) and the result is this awesome Cherry Deadhead OG we are toking on right now. The THC levels of this strain often exceed 20%.

The Chemdawg and Kush flavors and scents dominate this strain. The taste and smell of dank earth and 93 octane is deliciously intense. A slight cherry fruity flavor lingers on the back end of the exhale. The effects are slightly sativa dominant; basically this is a balanced hybrid. Initially, Cherry Deadhead OG hits with invigorating and euphotic energy that is socially stimulating. There is a desire to talk, get out, and engage activity. You feel a desire for engagement more than energized for physical activity. Over time the body relaxation intensifies, but never to the point of couch-lock or needing a nap. This can be enjoyed in the early afternoon.

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