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Cherry Chem Strain Review

If you put this on the triple beam balance scale this strain is 100% even! This is a perfect blend of sativa and indica effects. I don’t know how it got so as the offspring of Chemdawg and Cherry Pie. Although, Chemdawg is labeled as a slightly indica dominant strain the effects hit like a classic sativa. This indica sativa balance quandary exist with Cherry Chem as well.

Cherry Chem has THC ranges between 15 and mid 20%. Yes, that is a large range. The strain I had hit with a perfect balance of body relaxation and sativa elements. The cerebral and euphoric sativa energy is the first thing you will feel. Over a body relaxation and mental relaxation also kicks in. I was not slow or couch-locked but I did feel the mind just slightly less active than usual. I would not use this strain early in the day, to workout, or for high energy.

The effects start off as heady and cerebral then gradually dissipate into mild relaxation. Cherry Chem has an enticing and intriguing aroma. There is definitely a hint of cherries, berries, and floral scents. When you first hit it the flavor is a treat. Cherries register instantly, but the peppery dank of the Chemdawg gives a nice contrast on the exhale. I am a big fan of Cherry Pie. Cherry Chem is its, less amped up, and heavier set younger brother!