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Aug 4, 2023
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Cherry Cheesecake Strain Review: A Delectable Cannabis Delight

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Cherry cheesecake is an Indica-dominant hybrid with sticky bright green buds. This cross of Kimbo Kush and Cherry Pie has a denseness to the flower structure with healthy bulbous calyxes dusted with crystal-like trichomes from stem to tip.

This cultivar was grown outdoors, testing at 32% total cannabinoids, and happens to be high in myrcene and beta-caryophyllene. 

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Cherry Cheesecake Flavor and Aroma Profile

The Cherry Cheesecake strain has a unique flavor and aroma profile. Breaking apart the large nugs released an aroma reminiscent of the deliciously sweet and slightly sour syrupy cherry topping you’d find saucily poured over a decadent piece of cheesecake. The slight cheesy undertones add to this aromatic effect.

As I ground up the flower, more of the tart, juicy notes came through, even a bit of a sugary berry aroma. I also detected minor notes of peppery pine in Cherry Cheesecake’s aroma, which were more prominent in the flavor profile, which makes sense, as the dominant terpene in this strain is caryophyllene. Other terpenes in this strain’s genetic make-up include pinene and ocimene. The smoke was heavy on the wood and spice and surprisingly smooth for how dense it was. 

This Strain’s Effects

As far as the effect, this Cherry Cheesecake had me feeling calm, carefree, and a little smiley, especially behind the eyes. I felt an initial relaxing sensation through my neck and shoulders, and within minutes it had dripped through the rest of my body. I experienced the ease of tension in my face, shoulders, and wherever else my muscles needed to relax.  Mildly sedating, but not for long, and testing at 26% THC, this mixture of cannabinoids had me feeling moderate relief for aches and pains and left me feeling creative and balanced instead.

I enjoyed using this Cherry Cheesecake to unwind after work and as a complementary way to relax my muscles before a yoga session.

Mia Jane is a multifaceted influencer, educator, and advocate known for her ability to connect with people and shift their perspectives on cannabis. Through her network, she educates others on responsible cannabis use, its diverse applications, and its potential to improve daily life. As an advocate, Mia passionately shares her personal experiences with cannabis as medicine, aiming to shine a positive light on its healing properties for those in need. Her mission revolves around helping people integrate cannabis into their lives for well-being and growth while also demystifying misconceptions surrounding the evolving cannabis culture.

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