Strain Reviews

Chernobyl Strain Review

Unexpectedly light and fluid sensation…but the power is even more unexpected and almost overwhelming. While I could be speaking of any point of Tyson Fury dominating the recent Wilder rematch, I am actually speaking of the powerful effects of the Chernobyl strain. The sativa effects are clear instantly and the power of the slight indica balance hits you with relaxation and medicinal relief while still being sharp and lucid. There is no early TKO by the Fury.

Chernobyl has a clean almost frosty crisp taste. Having Trainwreck, Jack the Ripper, and Trinity in its lineage explains the eclectic taste as well as the sharp sativa cerebral high. I actually hit this before and after doing “Green Sally up” push ups and squat challenge; and it makes the “Baby Shark” challenge less grueling and the song more tolerable! Rainy day has no effect and not even hinting at couch lock.

Faced with the choice to YouTube wormhole descend or continue my audio book on creative focus and the discipline to just get stuff done, I appreciated the focused and reflective mode Cherynobyl guided me to as I am enjoying this War of Art.

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