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Chernobyl Strain Review

This shit is scary. I have had Chernobyl before. I was scared of the name then. That was before the HBO series came out. I was a kid when Chernobyl happened and don’t really remember it. After watching the HBO series I am like damn. To name a strain Chernobyl means you got some shit that is beyond a nuclear meltdown.

Chernobyl Art

The dudes at Select got that fire again! Chernobyl is an 80% sativa dominant strain. The mental effects are almost an instant energizer and motivator to get up and get shit done. Chernobyl melts away inhibition and drives the mind to go and enjoy. Possibly why they named it Chernobyl, because the high keeps going; like it’s perpetual. These awesome effects last for hours.

Chernobyl stinks so good. This strain has a sweet stank to it that is putrid pleasant. There is an overpowering dank funkiness to the strain that sits on top of sweet citrus and floral elements. It is a paradox to enjoy. Chernobyl can reach THC levels near mid 20%. Makes sense why the effects last for so long. Enjoy!

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