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Chemlato Strain Review

"Chemlato is the product of crossing... Drum roll, pause for effect... OK, it's not that difficult to see Chemdawg and Gelato in the name."

In my dancehall reggae selecta voice….. “Ring the alarm, another strain is growing. Yah… Ring the alarm a new strain we toking, Yah! Sounding like Grand-Daddy IU. We got, “something, something new, from Select to you”. I haven’t broke out Grand-Daddy IU in a minute. It was needed as this new strain is something to be remembered as well.


Chemlato is the product of crossing… Drum roll, pause for effect… OK, it’s not that difficult to see Chemdawg and Gelato in the name. The result is just damn dank elite fire to behold and enjoy… The sharp diesel taste of Chemdawg is balanced by creamy fruity richness of Gelato.


The effect of Chemlato is an eclectic blend of benefits from its parents. The sativa energy of Chemdawg focuses the mind and gives a cerebral rush of energy. The relaxing and therapeutic effects of both this strain’s parents combine to create a focused relaxed state in the body and mind. Although you will be energized, the effect is more mental than physical energy.

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