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Chemdawg Strain Review

“I’ll take best strains ever for $1,000 Alex”… What is the divine awesomeness that connects OG Kush and Sour Diesel? Well Alex, although they are both some of the best strains ever for their respective purposes (indica and sativa effects respectively); I will say its that they are both offspring of that beast of a strain Chemdawg? That definitely my final answer.

Chemdawg is one of my all time favorites. I heard it was named as such because it smells like “Chem” icals “dawg”! But, it is attributed to a grower going by the moniker Chemdog. They changed the spelling to hide the connection! Chemdawg is know as a slightly indica dominant strain. However, do not let names or labels fool you here.Chemdawg provides a potent cerebral high that is lasting and functional.

Chemdawg has THC levels that register around 20%. Its indica effects offer relief from minor pain and anxiety. However, this is an energizing day-time strain. While receiving medicinal benefits Chemdawg offers a focus and clarity that is crisp and dynamic. Hence, its a parent of Sour Diesel. Was so thankful Select Co-op had this available!