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Chemdawg Strain Review

Select Co-Op got Chemdawg back. I need an alarm just for Chemdawg and Sour Diesel. The two are my go to favorite sativas. There are others, but these two I always grab for sure! If you do not know Chemdawg is the parent of Sour Diesel.

Sour Diesel

Chemdawg is an OG strain that has mysterious/unknown origins. This strain can get up to 20% THC levels. What is known about Chemdawg is that it is a diesel, gassy, octane funk. Chemdawg has a pungent, diesel, gassy, smell. At first hit expect to cough and have a cerebral blast of sativa energy.

Chemdawg while uplifts and provides a vlast of sativa energy also relaxes muscles and relieves pain. This is a wake and bake strain for any time of day. It is said to be indica dominant, but that is more for the medicinal effects. Enjoy Chemdawg whenever it is around.

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