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Chem OG Strain Review

Often times it is difficult for the child of a famous and legendary parent to carve out their own path and be recognized for their own success. Will Lebron James son experience the same hype than the same criticism as Micheal Jordan’s sons? If your parents are considered one of the greatest it can be heard to create your own path to glory. This is not the case with Chem OG.

chem og art

Chem OG, aka OG Chem is the offspring of Chemdawg and OG Kush. This is the child of two legendary parents. Chem OG is a star, a beast in its own right and does not rest on its parents’ laurels! This strain is said to be 70/30 sativa leaning. Chem OG offers up to 20% THC ;levels and can provide CBD relief of 1%.

I’d say the sativa ratio may be more like 80/20 or 85/15. This strain is about waking up, getting on the go, and doing/creating/living… This strain is the star in Super Mario brothers that powers you up instantly. However, unlike the star this energy stays around for hours. Chem OG maintains the Chemdawg diesel fire taste. Be prepared to cough up a lung or two as the lungs are chocked by the octane harshness. Enjoy while Select Co-op can keep this fire around.

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