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Jan 22, 2021
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Chem Fuego vs Lemon Meringue

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“The Sativa side of Lemon Meringue provides relief for smokers dealing with stress. The crisp diesel taste of Chem Fuego is similar to Sour Diesel.”


This week’s matchup in the March to Madness tournament featured 2 Sativa dominant strains in Chem Fuego and Lemon Meringue. Combining Cookies and Cream with Lemon Skunk produced a bold flavored strain that smells fruity and pungent with a sour taste which makes Lemon Meringue a great strain for smokers who enjoy flavor. With a THC content that routinely measures in the mid to upper 20’s, Lemon Meringue is a favorite for users who love a deep head high that’s felt instantly. Whether in a cypher where the topic of conversation could range from “Aliens in Area 51 to who are the “True Hebrews”, Lemon Meringue is the perfect strain for social gatherings where everything but nothing is talked about. Even the home-body that rarely goes out can enjoy Lemon Meringue while daydreaming on a sunny or rainy day. As the pulls add up and the blunt shortens the Indica side slowly provides a feeling of relaxation over the body which makes it a popular strain for individuals dealing with migraines and moderate aches and pain. The Sativa side of Lemon Meringue provides relief for smokers dealing with depression and stress.

Chem Fuego

Chem Fuego like other great Sativa dominant strains gives the smoker a head high, but with Chem Fuego the high is on steroids. Perfect for users who enjoy to wake and bake, the intense head high keeps you energized and focused throughout the journey. Mainly, because of the high THC content that can reach up to 30% and the genetic lineage smokers should proceed with caution as Chem Fuego can creep up on the best of smokers and put the body in a relaxed state. The crisp diesel taste of Chem Fuego is similar to that of the legendary Sour Diesel. Individuals dealing with stress, depression, nausea and fatigue will enjoy the intense effects of Chem Fuego.  

Strawberry Banana

As we look forward to next week’s matchup smokers will be blessed to experience a classic matchup between San Fernando Valley OG and Strawana. By mixing OG Kush and Afghan #1, San Fernando Valley OG was birthed and has been a go to strain from Cali all the way to NYC. Strawana being an Indica dominant strain comes on hard and fast. As the smoker enjoys the sweet strawberry flavor with a touch of banana the Indica side of Strawana can take a hold of the body while leaving the user in a slouched state.

Tune in next week as we move 1 step closer to the March to Madness.

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