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Oct 31, 2020
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Cheese Strain Review

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Cheese has gotten a bad rep. Many people talk about lactose intolerance and digesting dairy, but have you tried unpasteurized raw cheese. It tastes totally different and digests totally different. Cheese as a strain is also not what you may think.

Cheese Art

The Cheese strain is a famous indica variety. Select Co-Op recommended it as I needed something to wind down the evening. I have heard of Cheese and never was impressed. I’m expanding my horizons so I tried it. I typically do not do indicas, but this is awesome.

Cheese can get up to 20% THC levels and offer 1% CBD medical relief. Cheese tastes of… Cheese. Expect a sour, sharp, creamy taste that is rich and sour at the same time. Cheese is said to be not for novices. I am not a novice so I don’t know bout that. I can say expect a powerful cerebral effect that elevates and excites the mind. The body will be relaxed into medicinal comfort instantly, but not couch locked or drained of energy.

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